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The Gathering

The Gathering

Our values are what we hold valuable as Followers of Jesus and as a ministry. We, as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, have four core values that we strive for and live by:  Integrity, Serving, TEAMWORK and Excellence. It is through the platform of athletics that we learn what it means to be a part of a team...on and off the field. This was evident at The Gathering, our monthly ministry for college girls, this past month.

The Gathering was started by the FCA Women's Director, Sarah Roberts, as a safe place college girls come to deal with struggles of this world by gathering around each other as teammates in Christ. These are girls from different colleges, different backgrounds, and different sports but share a love for each other and Jesus.

After the worship and the Word, we had one sweet girl from OBU bravely stand up and share that her dad had passed away 6 months ago from a heart attack and just the previous night her brother had also passed away from a heart attack. There were so many places she could have been the day after her brothers sudden passing, but she wanted to be with her teammates in life and her teammates in Christ. We watched as one by one, the girls gathering around her showing the ultimate teamwork by praying for and hurting with, one of their own.

Team FCA is just a reflection of Team Jesus..."We love each other because he loved us first." 1 John 4:19

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