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Team Chaplain Highlight - Chris Hopper

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Team Chaplain Highlight - Chris Hopper

The FCA Mission: To present to coaches and athletes the challenge and an adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior serving Him in their relationships and with the fellowship of the church.

As a ministry, we love the local church. Oklahoma FCA considers it an honor to partner with local churches around the state with the same goal: to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ.
These partnerships take on a variety of looks including hosting FCA huddles, providing team dinners, and serving as chaplains for local sports teams.

One of these chaplains includes Chris Hopper, youth minister at the 1st United Methodist Church of Ardmore and former Ardmore Tiger. Chris has been the volunteer chaplain for the Ardmore High School football team for the past 4 years. His service to the team includes attending weekly practices, weekly chapels, and sideline appearances for home games. Here is some insight to what it looks like when the ministry of FCA and the local church work together in fellowship:

FCA: Chris, Why are you committed to work with the Ardmore Tigers Football Program as a Volunteer Chaplain?

Chris: I am committed because of the students who need Jesus in their life. I am committed because I walked the halls, got dressed in the same locker room and played on the same field and know what life is like as an Ardmore Tiger. That despite all the stereo types that the players on that team are great and amazing. That if my message could across to just one of them that they could change the world. Even in the hard times when it seems all that I am saying is not getting across that maybe that day I am planting a seed and watering it. That one day it will bloom and that player will then turn and plant, water and grow up then next generation of believers. I am committed because Christ has called me.

FCA: What is the greatest victory you have seen while apart of the Tigers Program?

Chris: My greatest victory would have to be the relationships that I have built up with the players. That when I see them the share with me. They are honest with me. Whether it be current or past players when they see me they light up and come talk to me. Some tell me their struggles and what they need prayer for.

FCA: What is your strategy to engage the players and help them develop as young athletes?

Chris: My strategy is to be there, to be real and to encourage. I don't pretend to have all the answers and that I have it all together. I encourage them to getinto their church. That having a relationship with Christ and being a disciple is not going to be easy but worth it. When a student comes to talk with me about finding their life I first ask them if they believe and then always point them to scripture and the church.

When the body of Christ works together for Christ… we are united in Christ. FCA and the local church make a great team…thank you Chris, for being on our team!



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