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Leadership Luncheon with Sherri Coale

Leadership Luncheon with Sherri Coale

Pictured above: Coach Sherri Coale.

Written by FCA Staff Drew Beard

Coach Coale after being introduced by a former player

Coach Coale shared her love, appreciation, gratitude and excitement about the influence the ministry of FCA has had on her life.  As a high school coach in Norman, Coach Coale witnessed the impact the young athletes had on her own son. She knew right then FCA would be a great organization to invest in.  

Her highest praise came for one of her former players, Shannon Carter.  Shannon introduced her former Coach with very high praise and Coach Coale returned the praise saying, "I would do anything Shannon asked me to do."  

As the luncheon progressed, after a wonderful meal, a room full of Lawton patrons, and much anticipation surrounding Coach Coales remarks, here is a glimpse of what was shared.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as we all did.

3 Questions & Challenges from Coach Coale:

1.  What do you want to be remembered for?

Coach Coale gave us some insight to what each player in their program gets to experience.  With these three questions, it was as if she knew we all needed direction.  With much humility, we all sat patiently with a 30 second pause after each question.  Coach was going to lead us down a road map of our lives, helping us see the end 1st, and then guiding us along the road to a successful life.  

2.  What's the difference in being driven and being called?

So what is the difference in being driven and called?  Our guide, Coach Coale took us through this exercise.  

1st.  What are you good at?  We all mentally began making a list, some even writing down what they were good at.  

2nd. What do you love to do? Again, the list began.  

If your like me, trying to discover the difference, I soon realized that it's the intersection.  The point where what you love to do, meets what your good at.  This is your calling.

3.  What's the secret to life?

A very simply yet profound answer was put this way.  Another way of putting it could be, what is the ONE thing?  Take a box and only put God in it!  Call it your God Box.  It won't take long for you to figure out what the secret to life is.  

Coach Coale comments on the trophy she likes the most:

A picture was on the screen as the patrons strolled into the room.  It was a picture of Coach Coale and behind and around her were all the trophies her program had received due to the success of each of their years.  Coach Coale shared, "the results of the people that journey through my program is My Trophy."  

Local Huddle Coach Testimony

Coach Jerry Lawson from Central Middle School shared how he got involved with FCA.  "I was really hesitant to jump in and be a Huddle Coach," said Lawson.  After just a few weeks of Huddle Meetings Coach Lawson soon realized the impact that could be had.  He said, "On average, we are hosting over 250 kids.  How could you not be apart of that?"

FCA Staff Vince Carter's vision to see a Leadership Luncheon happen in Lawton was a huge success.  The ministry of FCA is thriving to see the world impacted for Christ through the influence of Coaches and Athletes.  Many in attendance were reunited with their own memories of a Coach or huddle event that God impacted their lives because of FCA. 

Vince and Shannon Carter, in Southwest Oklahoma are leading the ministry of FCA and would love to get you involved.  

Thank you for praying for Vince, Shannon and their beautiful kids.  Get in touch with Vince to see how you can get involved with FCA's ministry efforts in SW OK!

Life Quotes and Highlights from Coach Coale

"The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little."

"Teamwork allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results."

"We have a generation of kids who are overdeveloped in some ways and underdeveloped in other ways."

"When you think about supporting athletes at any level, think about the internal development of their lives."

"Leave your story better than you found it."


Vince Carter

Field Representative | Video/Media Production | Southwest OK


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