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4 Rallies. 14 Schools. 1,000+ Impacted.

Do you ever ask yourself, what are the youth of this generation doing that's good or making an impact?

Did you know that if you were in a helicopter flying over South Central Oklahoma, you would have seen four sets of lights?

The four sets of lights were football and baseball fields lit up for one reason and because of one reason.

Students impacting Students! That's right. Over 1,000 people, mostly students at 4 rallies across South Central Oklahoma were presented the Good News of Jesus Christ and a Challenge to read the book of John for the next 21 Days.

Two students that I witnessed personally, stood in the stands with over 150 of their peers around them, showing their need for Christ and a desire to be changed forever! Each of these rallies were led by students and coaches of each school.

The next time you wonder what our youth are doing to have impact or what they are doing good, feel free to call your local FCA Staff person or call the school and ask to talk to the FCA Huddle Coach. Students are influencing students on purpose for the Glory of Jesus Christ.

Fields were hosted by:

Plainview High School and was attended by students from Dickson, Ardmore, Lone Grove & Springer

Marietta High School and was attended by students from Thackerville & Turner

Marlow High School and was attended by students from Rush Springs, Duncan, Velma, Comanche & Empire

Davis High School and was attended by students from Sulphur & Elmore City


Thank you for every student, athlete, coach, teacher and parent that came to give a testimony and follow Jesus Christ! You are making a difference on and off the field for His Kingdom.


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