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Dad says "Thank You"

Dad says "Thank You"

In FCA, we focus on the 4 C’s: Coaches, Campus, Camps, and Community. Every summer, we watch God work life-changing miracles in kids across our state through our Camps. It truly is an honor and amazing  to watch Jesus heal hearts, bind brokenness, and save souls. Here is just one of many stories from our 2015 Camp Season:

(in the words of Coach Lowe of Southeast High School)“ I would like to take the time to thank you for inviting my volleyball players and my son to the FCA Leadership camp this summer.  The impact it had on my son Keelan was phenomenal.  He left for camp thinking it would be a typical camp, but it completely changed his life.  There was a camp counselor and I believe his name was Blake Abbott?  This young man was an awesome inspiration to my son.  My son came home as a revitalized young christian and for the first time I saw him reading his bible daily and rushing to Sunday church service.  We attended Peoples Church for the first time after FCA Camp and after hearing Pastor Herbert Coopers message my son begged me to be baptized again.  I replied son " you're already baptized".   Keelan replied "yes Dad I was, but now I understand and this baptism is for me and what my heart is telling me to do."    I truly thank God and FCA for the impact you have in the community and my house hold specifically..    Thank you and God Bless, Coach Lowe”

Camps are the perfect picture of teamwork. God used the ministry work  of an FCA staffer, the influence of a college huddle leader, and the many prayers of FCA supporters and volunteers to change the life of this young man named, Keelan. Thank you for all those who love and support the camp ministry of FCA…we are so thankful you are on our team!


Written by FCA Staff, Sarah Roberts Contact Sarah 



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